研讨会: “一带一路的恐怖危险与反恐政策” – 2017年6月8日

The Tsinghua University Sino-French Research Centre and the Department of International Relations of Tsinghua University are pleased to invite you to a seminar on terrorism risk and counter-terrorism policies along One Belt One Road.

Speakers :

Marc Julienne (INALCO,  French Foundation for Strategic Research)

Shen Xiaochen (Tsinghua University)

Chair :

Shi Zhiqin, Professor and Dean of the International Relations Department of Tsinghua University, co-director of the Tsinghua University Sino-French Research Center

Marc Julienne : “Risk in Terrorism perspective along ‘Belt & Road'”

China’s Belt and Road (B&R) initiatives bring a new momentum and new opportunities for economic development and cooperation among states. However, these initiatives come with many challenges, the security risk ranking among the most prominent ones. With Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asian countries in the front line of the Silk Road Economic Belt, the terrorist risk should not be overlooked, especially with the attempts by al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and local jihadist groups to strengthen their foothold in the region. Therefore, China is dealing with those risks through various bilateral and multilateral cooperation frameworks. We will first attempt to assess the risks posed by these terrorist organizations, and then analyze China’s strategy to protect the B&R from those risks.

Marc Julienne

Marc Julienne is a PhD Candidate at the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO, Paris) and Resident Associate Fellow at the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS) in Paris . He is currently Visiting Scholar at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

Shen Xiaochen: “The Counter-Extremist Dilemma in Contemporary Europe–from the Perspective of Identity Crisis”

How to deal with an unknown enemy and the urgency of the social extremism and terrorism in contemporary world require all related states to react immediately. However, there is not yet a solid convincing and unanimous explanation of where these threats came from or how it evolved. This research argues that the counter-extremism dilemma has indeed become a more serious security challenge to both ends of the Belt and Road Initiative, which are China and Europe. Such counter-extremism dilemma has also brought about a series of policy problems. From the lens of domestic identity crisis and the European case, this research first discusses the limitations of current counter-extremist/terrorist theories and policies, analyzing the occurrence and escalation of the “cumulative extremism” mechanism. It subsequently explores the basic standards of effective counter-extremist measures.

 Shen Xiaochen

Shen Xiaochen is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of International Relations of Tsinghua University.

Thursday, 8 June 2017, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Tsinghua University

Mingzhai Building 明斋楼

Room 349A

The seminar will be held in English and Chinese.

马里昂•卡雷尔(Marion Carrel), “公众参与与社会议题的宣传化:工薪街区中集体协商的脆弱影响”, 2017年04月14日


carrel_photoMarion Carrel

马里昂•卡雷尔(Marion Carrel)是里尔三大 “个人、考验与社会” 研究中心的社会学讲师。她还是《参与与运动》的编委会成员,同时担任“参与与民主”科学性团体的联合主持人。她的主要著作有《让居民参与?公民资格和平民街区中的行动权》(里昂,高等师范学院,2013);《政治化与宣传化:工薪街区中集体协商的脆弱影响》(欧洲文化与政治社会学学报,2016 2/3-4),以及与卡特琳娜•内弗 (Catherine Neveu)合编的《普通公民资格——公民实践的一种全新角度(巴黎,卡尔塔拉出版社,2014)。她还参与主持文件《我的城市自行组织起来——平民街区内的社团组织和动员》(《运动》,第85期,2016)的编写。


要想深入理解审议进程的意义,就需要一种政治人种志,它能够查探出这一进程对参与者和公共领域带来的后果。马里昂•卡雷尔(Marion Carrel)分析了在法国由一位活动分子兼专业推广者组织的一种参与过程,主要集中了一小群官员和边缘化个人,其目的是促进相互理解,提出公共事务议题。这种人种志表明,小群体协商与其说接近所谓公共舆论形式,从而勉强达成共识并且再现不平等,它更可能在工薪街区内产生社会议题的初步公众参与和宣传化。这些比较脆弱的影响提出了协商程序带来的集体行动与机构转型的连续性问题。

评议人: 何建宇



下午2:00 – 5:00
清华大学,善斋楼 306教室

该讲座将用法语举行 (有现场中文翻译)

马里昂•卡雷尔 (Marion Carrel) , “参与的指令或赋权?参与的重大问题”, 2017年04月13日


carrel_photoMarion Carrel

马里昂•卡雷尔(Marion Carrel)是里尔三 “大个人、考验与社会” 研究中心的社会学讲师。她还是《参与与运动》的编委会成员,同时担任“参与与民主”科学性团体的联合主持人。她的主要著作有《让居民参与?公民资格和平民街区中的行动权》(里昂,高等师范学院,2013);《政治化与宣传化:工薪街区中集体协商的脆弱影响》(欧洲文化与政治社会学学报,2016 2/3-4),以及与卡特琳娜•内弗 (Catherine Neveu)合编的《普通公民资格——公民实践的一种全新角度(巴黎,卡尔塔拉出版社,2014)。她还参与主持文件《我的城市自行组织起来——平民街区内的社团组织和动员》(《运动》,第85期,2016)的编写。


参与式民主往往被概括为参与的指令 :这是政府机构提供的一种向下的并且是反收效的民主机会,以遏止民主的危机。但是公民的参与仍然可以作为一种有效的杠杆,使始终在建设中的民主再生。在某些情况下,公民参与也可以采用相关人士的专业意见以及共同决策的方法,按一种向上的模式来革新公共政策,也可以鼓励人们对政府机构提出质疑和意见,鼓励人们解放思想,尤其是那些境况最不稳定而且离公共话语权最远的人。现在,公民参与可以并且应该着重考虑一些新的伙伴,即社群活动者。

评议人: 何建宇 清华大学马克思主义学院副教授

 主持人:柯蕾教授 清华大学中法中心主人


下午2:00 – 5:00 清华大学,善斋楼 306教室

该讲座将用法语举行 (有现场中文翻译)

Judith Audin 的讲座: “在社会主义后的中国,通过市区重建过程的社会社群重型: 以大同(山西省)的煤矿工人为例”, 2016年12月9日

The Tsinghua University Sino-French Research Centre is pleased to invite you to a presentation of Judith Audin (in English).

Judith Audin

Judith Audin is a post-doctoral researcher for the MEDIUM Project (Sciences Po Aix/CHERPA). She is a specialist of urban sociology and comparative politics in contemporary China. After many years of research about local governement in Beijing and Chongqing, she now studies the power dynamics in medium-sized cities in Datong and Zhuhai.

The reshaping of social groups through the process of urban renewal in postsocialist China : a case study on the coal miners in Datong (Shanxi province)

Around Datong, the “coal capital city”, Tongmei Group (a state-owned company) gradually absorbed many coal mines. In 2006, Tongmei carried out a massive urban renewal project. Coal miners from different mines, who used to live on the production sites in very precarious and uncomfortable self-built houses, were relocated in a new urban neighbourhood financed and conceived by Tongmei, which now counts 300 000 inhabitants. How does this residential migration impact the social group of miners? This presentation will highlight the restructuring of social ties and the change in the sense of belonging of the families through the double process of urban renewal and of the economic crisis triggered by the fall in coal prices last year. It will focus on the housing unit to study the processes of cohesion, dislocation, or segregation on the group of coal miners relocated by Tongmei Group. It will show how the new living space leads both to perspectives of social promotion and to forms of vulnerability, starting with the stigmatization of the new neighbourhood, commonly called “slum” (penghuqu).


Chloé Froissart, Director of the Tsinghua Sino-French Research Center

December 9, 2016

10:00 – 12:00

Tsinghua University, Ming Zhai Building明斋楼楼, Room 349A

Presentation of Jingyun Dai, “The Advocacy Strategies of Environmental NGOs in China”, December 1, 2016

The Tsinghua University Sino-French Research Centre and the Sociology Department of Tsinghua university are pleased to invite you to a presentation of Jingyun Dai (in English).

Jingyun Dai

With broad interests in political sociology and organizations, Jingyun Dai has been conducting research on non-governmental organization advocacy and the state-society relations in China. Originally from mainland China, she is now studying sociology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The Advocacy Strategies of Environmental NGOs in China

Contrary to their common image as service providers, Chinese grassroots environmental NGOs (ENGOs) are employing a variety of advocacy strategies in efforts to influence government. Based on in-depth interviews with ENGOs active in Guangdong, this research examines this recent turn to advocacy and considers its implications for the further development of Chinese civil society. Four advocacy strategies are identified: (1) using institutional channels to communicate with government; (2) nurturing an interactive relationship with government; (3) selecting ‘frames’ palatable to the state; and (4) mobilizing media to win social support. Taken as a whole, such practices suggest the ability of civil society to carve out more political space than the state would like to grant. While this increased policy engagement by ENGOs could lead to stronger state ‘governance’, we argue that it may instead open up new pathways for robust civic engagement.


Yan Fei, Assistant Professor in Sociology at Tsinghua University

Chloé Froissart, Director of the Tsinghua Sino-French Research Center

December 1, 2016

14:00 – 16:00

Tsinghua University, Xiong Zhixing Building, Room 211

讲座:王思萌,“巴黎华人社群的幸福与苦难:一项探讨中国移民精神健康的人类学研究” – 2016年11月22日



王思萌,女,毕业于清华大学社会学系,法国巴黎高等师范学院社会学博士, 法国国家科学研究中心(CNRS)研究员。研究领域主要涉及海外移民, 社会流动,健康社会与全球化。目前已发表外文及中文学术文章,书评,时评数篇。具体可参见 https://cnrs-gif.academia.edu/SimengWang




评议人; 景军

2016年11月22日, 3:30 – 5:30
清华大学 ,熊之行楼 ,211 会议室