Judith Audin 的讲座: “在社会主义后的中国,通过市区重建过程的社会社群重型: 以大同(山西省)的煤矿工人为例”, 2016年12月9日

The Tsinghua University Sino-French Research Centre is pleased to invite you to a presentation of Judith Audin (in English).

Judith Audin

Judith Audin is a post-doctoral researcher for the MEDIUM Project (Sciences Po Aix/CHERPA). She is a specialist of urban sociology and comparative politics in contemporary China. After many years of research about local governement in Beijing and Chongqing, she now studies the power dynamics in medium-sized cities in Datong and Zhuhai.

The reshaping of social groups through the process of urban renewal in postsocialist China : a case study on the coal miners in Datong (Shanxi province)

Around Datong, the “coal capital city”, Tongmei Group (a state-owned company) gradually absorbed many coal mines. In 2006, Tongmei carried out a massive urban renewal project. Coal miners from different mines, who used to live on the production sites in very precarious and uncomfortable self-built houses, were relocated in a new urban neighbourhood financed and conceived by Tongmei, which now counts 300 000 inhabitants. How does this residential migration impact the social group of miners? This presentation will highlight the restructuring of social ties and the change in the sense of belonging of the families through the double process of urban renewal and of the economic crisis triggered by the fall in coal prices last year. It will focus on the housing unit to study the processes of cohesion, dislocation, or segregation on the group of coal miners relocated by Tongmei Group. It will show how the new living space leads both to perspectives of social promotion and to forms of vulnerability, starting with the stigmatization of the new neighbourhood, commonly called “slum” (penghuqu).


Chloé Froissart, Director of the Tsinghua Sino-French Research Center

December 9, 2016

10:00 – 12:00

Tsinghua University, Ming Zhai Building明斋楼楼, Room 349A