Programme des interventions

15 ans15 ans du Centre franco-chinois de recherche en sciences sociales

Samedi 11 novembre 2017, de 9:00 à 18:00
Université Tsinghua
Salle de conférence : Xiongzhixing building, departement de sociologie, salle 109
清华大学社会学系,熊知行楼 109室

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09:20 – 10:00: Keynote speaker : Zhang Ning 张宁, Professor at the Chinese Studies Department, University of Geneva ; Visiting scholar at Tsinghua University:

Critical thinking of the human and social sciences: the French case

The domination of scientism and technological utilitarianism have become the most remarkable features of our time. The deep anxiety that drives debates about humanities and social sciences usefulness haunts investment policy in higher education and research all around the world. The first victims of budget cuts are the social sciences deemed unnecessary, then the social science projects that do not respond to urgent requests and finally basic research which usefulness is not immediately attested. The controversy over the scientific nature of human and social sciences has never stopped. Since the beginning of the 19th century, social sciences have been trying to appear as pure science while seeking to differentiate themselves from traditional human sciences. What makes it possible to overcome this tension and bring together these three human knowledge is the scientific spirit endowed with critical courage and skeptical capacity.…